Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thirty something months....

So it's been awhile since I have blogged. I have thought a lot about it, but every time I think about having to upload pictures, and back track it becomes too overwhelming. I have sooooo many adorable pictures of Boston that I need to post, and lots of cool events and happenings that I need to go back and blog about, but it may never happen. We will see.

Boston is now thirty something months. 
According to him he is 2 1/2, not 2, not 3, 2 and 1/2.
He is so smart, and catches on to everything. We are amazed daily at some of the things he says.
He talks in sentences, and is constantly asking questions.
He knows his name is Boston Strickland.
He calls carbonation "spicy" drinks.
He calls four wheelers, four four wheelers.
He is OBSESSED with dirt bikes and wants to ride on them daily. I keep telling him he has to be bigger to ride on them and he tells me he is bigger and stands on his tippy toes.
He knew from day one he was having a baby sister. He said her name will be 4. I don't think he will be getting his way. 
He is a very stubborn, emotional boy. I wonder where he gets those traits from.
He loves to dance to "Justin Bieber" or Just Dance 4.
He also loves "cowboy" songs a.k.a country music.
He has been potty trained for about a month, and has recently pooped in the potty.
He is still dealing with belly issues, and we see a GI specialist in June. 
He despises eating. Every morning I ask what he wants for breakfast and he tells me he is NOT eating. 
He thinks that he has a baby in HIS belly.
He knows the colors orange, white, pink, blue, and occasionally green.
He knows most shapes. Square, heart, diamond, star, circle. 
He tells us he is the boss, not us.
He would rather go in time out then eat dinner sometimes.
He is hard of hearing like his mom and always ask "WHAT Mom?"
He loves playing superheroes, power rangers, or any kind of awesome guy.
He always is talking about "THE BEAR." He will have to hide because the bear is coming, or he will have to run back into a room because the bear is coming, or he will be shooting the bear.  
He is still a scrawny bum, and wears 18 month shorts, and 24 month-2T shirts. He is only about 26 pounds. 
He still loves his blankie, and his sippy cup.
He loves to "clean." He likes to spray the walls (and his face) with a water bottle. 

He is the sweetest boy and I can't wait to see how interacts with his new little sister. 
The big announcement...

Boston with his cousin Zoe.

Boston with his friend Lexa at his first big screen movie. I think we will wait another year or two before we go again.

Like father like son, on the four four wheelers.

Drink his "spicy" drink, a.k.a. root beer.

His potty chart, with awesome drawings courtesy of mommy and daddy.

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Carley Florence said...

You do have a blog!! ;) love hearing more about your sweet boy. He's going to be the best big brother!